Richard Wright

“Richard Nathaniel Wright (September 4, 1908 – November 28, 1960) was an American author of sometimes controversial novels, short stories, poems, and non-fiction. Much of his literature concerns racial themes, especially related to the plight of African Americans during the late 19th to mid-20th centuries, who suffered discrimination and violence in the South and the North. Literary critics believe his work helped change race relations in the United States in the mid-20th century.”

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  • Uncle Tom’s Children (New York: Harper, 1938) (tales)
  • The Man Who Was Almost a Man (New York: Harper, 1939) (short tale)
  • Native Son (New York: Harper, 1940) (novel)
  • The Outsider (New York: Harper, 1953) (novel)
  • Savage Holiday (New York: Avon, 1954)(novel)
  • The Long Dream (Garden City, New York: Doubleday, 1958)(novel)
  • Eight Men (Cleveland and New York: World, 1961) (tales)
  • Lawd Today (New York: Walker, 1963) (novel)
  • Rite of Passage (New York: Harper Collins, 1994) (short tale)
  • A Father’s Law (London: Harper Perennial, 2008) (unfinished novel)


  • How “Bigger” Was Born; Notes of a Native Son (New York: Harper, 1940)
  • 12 Million Black Voices: A Folk History of the Negro in the United States (New York: Viking, 1941)
  • Black Boy (New York: Harper, 1945)
  • Black Power (New York: Harper, 1954)
  • The Color Curtain (Cleveland and New York: World, 1956)
  • Pagan Spain (New York: Harper, 1957)
  • Letters to Joe C. Brown (Kent State University Libraries, 1968)
  • American Hunger (New York: Harper & Row, 1977)
  • Black Power: Three Books from Exile: “Black Power”; “The Color Curtain”; and “White Man, Listen!” (Harper Perennial, 2008)


  • Native Son: The Biography of a Young American with Paul Green (New York: Harper, 1941)


  • The Ethics Of Living Jim Crow: An Autobiographical Sketch (1937)
  • Introduction to Black Metropolis: A Study of Negro Life in a Northern City (1945)
  • I Choose Exile (1951)
  • White Man, Listen! (Garden City, New York: Doubleday, 1957)
  • Blueprint for Negro Literature (New York City, New York) (1937)
  • The God that Failed (contributor) (1949)


  • Haiku: This Other World (eds. Yoshinobu Hakutani and Robert L. Tener; Arcade, 1998

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