James Welch

“James Phillip Welch, Jr. (November 18, 1940 – August 4, 2003), who grew up within the Blackfeet and A’aninin cultures of his parents, was a Native American novelist and poet, considered a founding author of the Native American Renaissance. His novel Fools Crow (1986) received several national literary awards, and his debut novel Winter in the Blood (1974) was adapted as a film by the same name, released in 2013.

In 1997 Welch received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Native Writers’ Circle of the Americas.

Bio has been taken from here.

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  • Winter in the Blood (1974)
  • The Death of Jim Loney (1979)
  • Fools Crow (1986)
  • The Indian Lawyer (1990)
  • The Heartsong of Charging Elk (2000)


  • Riding the Earthboy 40 (1971 reprinted in 1975)
  • Last Stand at Little Bighorn
  • Christmas Comes to Moccasin Flat
  • Surviving
  • Snow Country Weavers
  • Thanksgiving a Snake Butte
  • Dreaming Winter
  • Harlem, Montana: Just off the Reservation


  • Killing Custer: The Battle of Little Bighorn and the Fate of the Plains Indians (1994)


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